Which way to go?

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Which way to go?

Hi all. I hope this doesn't sound to stupid, but I could really use some insight as to what to move to.
I currently have a late 2013 27" iMac with 32GB. I'm on Mojave. Everything is running fine, but the latest version of LR (which is what I live in), only supports back as far as Catalina. So far the current (well, one back) version of LR is fine for my needs. But I do want to stay current, so time for a new Mac.

I can wait a while, so it's not like I need to jump tomorrow. I also don't need the portability of a laptop.

What is the current thinking as to best way to go? Do another iMac with a 2nd monitor as I do now? Do a Mac Mini with dual monitors?I occasionally use PS and DaVinci Resolve. But LR is the main app.

What would be some recommendations on how to proceed?

Thanks so much for any help!

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- Jimi V
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