Image Capture does not save created date.

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Re: Image Capture does not save created date.

Greybeard2017 wrote:

Joe5 wrote:


The last couple of times I downloaded photos from my iPhone X and later with an iPhone 13 Pro Max, I noticed that the date created, modified and added all showed the current date.

I have typically used Image Capture to save my photos to the hard drive. I then edit them in Light Room (used to used Aperture).

How do you either fix Image Capture or is there a better way to download photos to the hard drive?



Do you mean the file created date or the image created date? What were you intending to use it for?

Yes, there are numerous dates associated with image files. From the filesystem's (date created, date modified, added, etc) to the exif dates from the camera to IPTC dates as well. Generally the exif date is what matters, not the file date created. But it depends on what one is trying to do.

And I can't quite recall, but I think PNG files might lack that, so the type of image might matter too.

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