Do people really change out their cameras every couple of years?

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Re: Do people really change out their cameras every couple of years?

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Seeing a lot of hate towards the a7IV mostly because it seems like many are tired of their outdated a7III and want something much better. Unfortunately it appears that instead of taking the a9II and just relabelling it the a7IV, Sony has made an all around great camera for the modern content creator who may not already have a A7III, A7RIII-IV or A9I-II.

So, it really begs the question, are people on here mostly just looking for reason enough to change out their cameras every 2 years or so?

Professionals can write off their equipment each year, so they will upgrade much faster.

This reminds me of a meme video that has been going around where it shows a young woman being asked what a tax write off means and she replies "its when the government refunds you for something you buy".

Wouldn't the amount of money they lose from selling their gear and upgrading offset any tax deduction benefits?

Also, I imagine that pros change out their gear only when its damaged beyond repair. I would think that a pro wouldn't buy a camera and then switch only for the marginal improvements that we see. And while I am not a camera pro, I rely heavily on my computer for my work and even though there are advancements every year, I don't find myself upgrading my laptop until its usability becomes a detriment. With cameras, a pro photographer should be able to produce the same level of quality with a 10 year old DSLR as they can with the A7IV which is why most pros continue to use DSLRs.

Based on my assessment, the majority of people who change out their cameras every couple of years are the ones caught up in the consumerism aspect that has more or less overrun the high end camera market. Basically, its the same condition that we see with smart phone users who "upgrade" every time a new iPhone comes out.

The benefits/losses of writing off equipment are not cut & dry. There are many factors to it, from the size and structure of a business to the region and rules. An individual running as a contractor or sole proprietor likely not see as much of a benefit to write offs as a lager studio running as a corporation that purchases gear for its photographers and subcontractors.

I realize that but even the big photography studios aren't upgrading cameras every year or 2 just for the sake of upgrading. I work for a large international marketing firm and one of the perks is I have access to our camera inventory and 90% of what is in there are Canon and Nikon DSLRs. We have some Fuji and Sony mirrorless cameras but these are mostly used as accessories for our models and actors to sport in the shoots.

A lot of bigger studios and outlets will actually always be updating and adding gear, so the whole two years thing is moot. They won’t just replace everything every two years, because that’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard of. They will however be constantly liquidating the oldest equipments and buying the newest available.

In other words, this entire discussion is framed in a nonsensical way

This is really not true. They may buy new cameras as they wear out what they have but lens generally don't get replaced until one has been damaged. But when they buy a new body, they don't necissarily buy the latest and greatest.

It absolutely is true for many outlets.
Anyways, like I said, the entire discussion is based on a false premise and framed in an odd hypothetical. Why are you asking about two year replacements? It doesn’t even relate to the A7IV which is coming almost 4 years after the A7III. Why not ask how often people are upgrading their cameras instead?

I don't know where you guys live, but if in the USA, google IRS rule 179 for 2021 and you see that equipment can be written off in full in the first year.

So purchasing new equipment yearly, and donating or selling the used equipment comes to almost 'free' usage of new equipment. Why not take advantage of this?

Of course, you'll need 100% (pro) usage, and make a profit (business), otherwise it doesn't add up.

Small business owners also get to write off new cell phones purchases this way each year, as long as the phone is on a business number.

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