Breathing room for the X-H2?

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Re: Breathing room for the X-H2?

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There’s plenty of breathing room for an X-H2. The current crop of $2-2.5k FF cameras is far from perfect.

I’ve been watching the A7iv hype. Even versus the X-T4, it’s not a slam-dunk must-have upgrade when considering the price.

Yeah, I don't get the hype I'm seeing with the a7IV (even here from some users): the X-T4 is better than it in EVERYTHING except marginal increment in MPs and AF (and the sony being a FF).

Marginal increment in MP? You think 9 extra million pixels is very little?

It’s not as huge as it sounds… I mean at 100% at 300 dpi, we are talking a few centimeters really.

So would you say Fuji's move from 24 to 26MP was insignificant and pointless?

At least they got a completely new sensor, Nikon gave their customers nothing, except add things that were (supposed) to be there in the very first place like the second sd card slot, external battery grip compatibility and "improved" AF. I think Sony was pretty generous with what people are getting. Some interesting new tech is in it as well. Just saying.

The X-T4 has better IBIS, a lot more fps, more features like focus stacking, better video options, less rolling shutter, better LCD, etc.

That's really good then maybe I should wait for the XH2 maybe it will smoke the A7IV?

All of this from a camera almost 2 years old and that costs 900$ less (without discounts)

Well yeah but it doesn't match AF and someone has to pay for that kind of tech and Sony has it. Will the XH2 catch up to Sony/Canon's AF? We shall see. I remember just a few years ago AF in DSLR was a huge thing and you had to pay $6K for it. Now some of these companies are providing better AF than what some of the older DSLR had and we have been blessed by that and some people are not appreciating that till this day. I find that pretty impressive. AF is expensive to the point that Pentax can't even afford it.

Edit: I mean, if you want a Sony FF with great resolution you have the a7rIII at your disposal since 2017 and it is now a lot cheaper than the a7IV

Not everything is about resolution nor everyone needs and wants it.

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