Which travel zoom lens do you recommend?

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labalaba Contributing Member • Posts: 970
Re: Which travel zoom lens do you recommend?

I would not consider 18-105, it offers nothing the 18-140 does not.

I don't think there is much difference optically between 16-85 and 18-140.  Maybe some, but they are in the same class.  It's down to focal length.  16mm is significantly wider than 18mm, if this is your interest.  If 18mm is wide enough for you, then of course 140mm is longer than 85.

Both these lenses are going to be comparable optically to the 18-55 VRII, which is, as you say, quite decent.  The 16-85 was a more expensive lens when first released, maybe it is a better deal if all these are now available at the same price, but only if this is the focal length you want.  One thing you will lose is the close-focussing ability of the 18-55 VRII, which is quite useful.

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