D5, A9… or waiting for Z9 (sports photography)

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Re: Wait till you see the new Nikon 100-400 that leaked yesterday.

Bill Ferris wrote:

lickity split wrote:

Bill Ferris wrote:

primeshooter wrote:

lickity split wrote:

Specs only list a products parameters,how well they perform within them parameters are another matter,

Yes Nikon tech does trickle down to lower end models but it’s always crippled in some way so it’s not on par with the flagship, that’s been Nikon’s MO and I don’t expect that to change anytime soon *

*And that is what concerns me because I know it to be true. Different times now...

Yes, the D700, D300, D810, D850, and D500 are thoroughly crippled cameras. It's a miracle anyone ever made a decent family reunion snap with those bricks.

Do you suggest the…

I'm saying your comment that Nikon cripples every camera below the flagship is a pile of hot, steaming garbage.

D600 wasn’t the biggest boondoggle in Nikon’s history ? Between oil spots and metal shavings on images , YES even family reunion snaps were ruined

As a D600/610 shooter for many years, I've written in these forums on many occasions about the disaster that was the D600 roll-out. It's the best known of several QC failures that plagued Nikon products during the 20-teens.

That aside, it wasn't crippled from a features standpoint. The D6xx sensor is still one of the best on the market. At its price point, it was literally a game-changing upgrade from any APS-C body available at the time of release. The D6xx series is one of Nikon's best-selling full-frame systems of all time and for good reason. If they hadn't bolloxed the QC, it would be remembered today as the best entry-level full-frame DSLR ever made

But it’s not, Nikon screwed up the D800 then screwed up the next the D600 shorty after which started a Class action lawsuit which Nikon settled after a year of denying that the D600 was lemon. Your so wrong , if Nikon could erase one thing from its history it’ll be the D600. They got sued and lost face , which means everything to a Japanese company.

D700 was on par with the D3/s ?

Costing $2K less than the D3, what rational person would expect the D700 to match the flagship in performance? More than a half million were sold because the D700 was an amazing performer. It's an iconic DSLR because it made professional performance available at a price point substantially below that of the flagships.

Still dodging the question ,

D800 on par with the D4 ?

D810 on par with the D4s ?

Offering more than twice the megapixels of the D4/s, the D800/810 reset the bar for what high resolution meant in full-frame DSLRs. The D810 in particular is just simply a great DSLR camera body.

I owned both the D810 and D4S the D810 had far inferior AF compared to the D4S,every owner who had both confirm this. Did you own both ?

D850 on par with the D5, D850 is a great camera which Nikon took three attempts to get right

See above (D700). The D850 is widely regarded as the best DSLR ever made. Only a fool would trot it out as an example of a "crippled camera."

I see you don’t even have the nerve to comment on a few bodies I mentioned , lost causes I agree.

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