Some browsers change the colors of the pictures

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Re: Some browsers change the colors of the pictures

This is an issue that wont go away ..... think of an image shot with a Nikon and a Canon camera. Both manufacturers claim to be creating high spec professional colour repro equipment.....  yet both images of the same scene will have "their own " version  of the colours.

How can this be in a colour managed environment ?    Honest answer is that even a lens change can alter the colour chemistry of a scene, and the number of times the light is slowed and bent by  elements, will have an effect.

They say that Firefox is the best for neutrality , and Chrome has improved,  but how on earth can you account for the users screen calibration ( or lack of it )  and their colour vision ?

I guess the answer is , if you want the purest most honest version of an image, go see it in an exhibition, and remember if it is of huge value like a fine master , it may just be a copy anyway because the valuable original is safe in a vault

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