Time to upgrade the Canon Rebel T1i

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Re: Time to upgrade the Canon Rebel T1i

Thank you for your reply. Do you have a course you would recommend?

techie takes pics wrote:

ShenandoahValerie wrote:

Hello everyone. This is my first post. I have been reading the reviews on cameras and have become overwhelmed with all the options. Quite a long time ago I purchased a Cannon Rebel T1i to take photos of my tiny humans. This was well before cameras on phones. The camera took decent photos of my kids, and I later added a 70-300 lens. I find I now take photos of raptors in the side yard. There is a dead tree 100m from the kitchen window where birds perch. I am NEVER happy with the photos. They are sometimes close enough, but never sharp enough. The mountains are a couple miles away. They look like they are *right there* but when I photograph them, especially with the sunrise, they don't come out near as amazing. The sunrise colors are often not as vibrant and the way the sun hits the hills is gorgeous to my eye but lackluster on the camera. At low light as the moon rises I have never taken a decent photo.

Also, one of the tiny humans grew into a high school track star. Sometimes he is on the other side of the track. Often lately no matter the camera settings the photos of the runners come out with the skin over exposed, and of course the kids are fast and sometimes blurry. Given the wide variety of my subjects what would you recommend in the under $2000 category? A new lens? A new body? A whole new setup?
Thank you for your advice. If I have not provided enough information I am happy to answer questions.

First thought: if you want proper colors from a sunset, first step is to set the white balance at anything other than Auto. Photograph Raw and/or set it to sunny or cloudy - anything. But not auto.

Second thought: You are doing well, really well. You are asking the right questions. If you are willing to spend 2K on equipment, invest 5% of that on a course. Seriously really please do it. It will be the single biggest return-on-investment you can make. You're on the right track. Let somebody tell you how it all works.

Third: Upgrade anything that is called 'rebel'.

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