few RF 100-400mm test shots if interested...

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Re: But "Even a Coke Bottle Bottom Gets Sharp at F8" :-)

akjos wrote:

Karl_Guttag wrote:

I can see the RF100-400 is going to be a popular lens. I keep seeing the nice sharp image on it even "wide open" at 400f8. I might have even got one, but I bought the RF100-500 before I knew this lens would be out so soon (yeah, poor me).

But then I remember the days when no Canon lens went above f5.6 or the autofocus would not work. People were saying you needed to stop the lens down to get them sharp, and the response was, "even a Coke bottle bottom is sharp at f8" 😁 Now F8 or even F11 is "wide open" on some lenses.

😂😂😂 that made me laugh . But yes f8 doesn’t seem as “ wide open “ let alone f11 on 2 tele primes. But even at F8 shooting something 15 ft or so away like the bunny here it often took 3-4 shots just to nail the shot af wise. Even slight misfocus ruined it.

no doubt 100-500 is still better but how much better ??… that is everyone’s personal

3-4 shots?  It was not seeing the bunny due to fur or couldn't catch the eye due to low contrast of the lens?

The higher keeper rate, if there is a higher keeper rate, would be one of many little things that make the 100-500 worth it's price over the 100-400.  So frustrating to have the pet/kid do something interesting and having focus miss the moment.

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