Spot Focus on the latest FF - does it work this way?

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Spot Focus on the latest FF - does it work this way?

NOTE: This question is strictly for VIDEO.

Not sure if to get the Canon R6 or Sony a7iv.

I recently purchased an RX100vii and my I've been using my friends a6400 lately.

I'm trying to use the touch to focus on those cameras the same way as I do on my Canon M50 and Panasonic DMC-ZS100, which is as follows: When you touch the screen, a small box displays where you did the touch. Focus does not take place until I 1/2 shutter press. So after the press, focus is made at the distance equal to the object in that box. If that distance was, say 10', the focus will stay locked at 10' no matter if another object moves in front of the box or if the original object moves to a different distance.

In the Sony models:

1 way is: When I touch, there is no box. Instead, focus takes place immediately (and then it continues to behave as the other brands, which is to keep the focus at the same distance as initial focus).

2nd way is: When I touch, there is a box, but the focus distance will change when whatever subject that is in the box changes distance (but I would like for the focus start after I 1/2 shutter press, plus to remain at the initial distance, as it does in the other brands).

My question:

Can the Sony a7iv (or any latest FF Sony) focus the way I described the way the Canon and Panasonic do? If yes, please let me know either which ones do so I can further research into it. or, better yet, if you could please let me know what settings are necessary to have it work that way.  Note that this question is strictly in regards for video. Thanks in advance!

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