Paying homage to the A9

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Paying homage to the A9

As a current A1 user that came from the A9, I just wanted to pay homage to that camera by mentioning just how insanely good it is, even today...maybe even especially today...

Don't get me wrong, the A1 is absolutely amazing and in no way is the A9 better, but with the current prices that the A9 can be had for I would be remiss if I did recognize how diminishing the returns are when going-rates are factored. I just wanted to encourage anyone considering the A9 but might be on the fence due to its age to not let that deter you.

We all know it's a 4.5 year old camera by now, but we also recognize that Sony updated it to basically the 2019 A9II in a 2017 body for all intents and purposes. This was and still is one of the more perplexing moves by a camera company; updating an existing model to basically cannibalize its own upcoming replacement... regardless, Sony did exactly that, and it made the A9 basically a new camera all over again.

Fast forward to today, and the A9 can be had for about the same price as the A7IV, which looks great in it's own right and likely is a better option for most users. For those who understand the benefits of that stacked sensor and 20fps, 1/32,000 sec silent shutter with no EFCS to ruin your bokeh, the A9 is an incredible deal. The AF of the A9 is so good that I wonder if the A7IV will be able to match it. I would bet that the 20fps would give more keepers even today.

The other thing that the A9 seemed to get right was its color and imaging characteristics. Ever notice that all the blah blah blah about sony colors seems to never mention the A9? I personally love Sony colors, but the A9 was just the best of them.

Finally, as we all read the Dpreview article that compared the $5500 Canon R3 with the A9II, many of us realized that they could have compared it with the ~$2500ish A9 and had the same basic article and conclusions... In other words the A9 still holds its own against something it was never going to compete with.

I shot weddings for about 2 years with the A9 and would have kept it if the A1 didn't arrive. I ended up selling it with just a few hundred actuations on the mechanical shutter. I would still happily use the A9 today, and if I'm being honest I wouldn't miss much...Okay I'd miss that resolution, but only for cropping! If I still shot with the A9 I would just avoid the APS-C mode. Other than that, it is an amazing camera, and I think that anyone looking for that stacked-sensor silent shooting experience but not wanting to break the bank, it's a great value.

I doubt I'm alone in thinking this, but the A9 is continuing to set the bar for how long a modern camera can stay relevant.

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