lens has come out of the barrel (Helios 44M-4 f2)

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Re: lens has come out of the barrel (Helios 44M-4 f2)

Juyal wrote:

Aoi Usagi wrote:

First contact the seller with the problem. You might need to return it and get a refund (if it was sold as "in working" condition".

ok. thanks

The lens has not been assembled properly, which is why it separated. To get it back together, with a properly working distance scale and proper focus to infinity, will require more disassembly.

I am confused on this as after messing it I started seeing youtube for help and found a clip where this person unscrewed Helios lens just by twisting it.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=euybmWDbb9g (jump to 12:43)

The difference between the lens in the video, and your lens, is that he only removed the optics and not the helicoid.  The helicoid will need proper adjustment for it to work again on your lens.

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