Is there something the GFX 50S II is better than the GFX 100S (price aside)

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Re: Is there something the GFX 50S II is better than the GFX 100S (price aside)

bobby350z wrote:

What do you shoot? PDAF of GFX100s helps in AF but may not be needed for some. I have both GFX50 and GFX100s and I like GFX50s for following things:

1. EVF which can take tilt adapter. The eye piece area is bigger and comfortable as your nose is not tocuhing the LCD like every other camera. This was one very nice thing on GFX which fuji removed with GFX100s and GFX50s-II. I get all the cost reduction but something aren't more than $100-$200. Ok make the camera $6500 and give me better EVF with 5.7MP too.

2. Dials. Personally I find no use of the very nice big LCD on the top side of GFX100s. I rather have ISO, SS dials. That was one another thing that pulled me to fuji XT-1 bunch of years ago. Now those are gone too.

3. Now this is not between GFX50s-II and GFX100s but GFX100s does heat up. I haven't had it happen but now know 2 cases where normal operation the camera gave high temp warnings.

4. About 100MP of GFX100s giving less artifacts etc, I had it happen only with GFX100s (using for < 6 months) files not GFX50s (using it for 4+ yrs).

I still like GFX100s and it is a better camera. But it could have been much better camera (for me) if it had the #1 and #2 listed above. I would have happily paid $500 more for it.

Depending on your shooting needs, you should also look at older GFX50. They are very cheap now a days. I used GFX50s without IBIS all these years. I shoot models inside and outside studio. Never once I missed IBIS and my shooting is hand held at 1/125 with shaky hands. Now maybe me using strobes helps inside the studio but outside with ambient, the strobes don't help. I think heft of GFX50s helps me. I couldn't do 1/125 easily with A7rIV even with IBIS. If you shooting from tripod, you don't need IBIS either. If you shoot street etc, get a Fuji XF IMHO and save a lot of $$$.

Thank you very much for your answer. I'll tell you what I'm looking to achieve to this upgrade, either the 100S or the 50S II.

I'm not a professional, photography is a newly acquired hobby that I am enjoying very much. I have always loved taking photos, and I'm the one that tries to maximize the most of all the features of a smartphone when taking photos. I also love "tweaking" photos with software.

I started the journey of buying real cameras two years ago. In my short experience with different brands (Nikon, Sony, Canon and Fuji) my two favorites are Sony and Fuji. Sony because of all the options and innovation they provide and Fuji because of the uncanny feature that almost every photo you take is breathtaking, possibly because of the great film simulations they provide with their cameras.

I find almost all categories of photography fascinating, and I'm very keen to learn and learn. Because I'm not a pro and I don't have a studio, it is not that I will be working for any magazine or ads, fashion et al.

One of the genres I actively practice is STREET PHOTOGRAPHY, and I take photos with my Fuji X100V and my iPhone 12 Pro Max when my camera is not around.

I'm also into toy photography and I think for that you don't need a state of the art camera, so I do my toy photography with either my X100V or XS-10 or my Sony A7SIII.

I have the A7SIII because of its great video capabilities. I had a A7C, so the lenses I use with it, I use it with the A7SIII. One reasonable option could be to only invest on the Sony ecosystem, so for video I would use the A7SIII and for more specialized pictures the A7RIV or sell those cameras and buy an A1, BUT the thing is that the photos my Sony cameras have provided me, though good-looking and more close to the reality don't provide me the "magic" I see in the photos I take with my Fuji cameras.

WHY I stubbornly keep trying to upgrade and not stop and take to the max my current cameras? The answer is based on my "logic" that if I want to keep experimenting new genres of photography and learning and practicing photo techniques, I would like to do it with a camera that potentially can provide me the best experience and results.

I would like to go further onto other genres such as macrophotography and landscaping, but my OCD tells me this: you are missing out the chance to obtain better results and go even further with a better (best) camera. For example, if I'm taking a landscape photo with my Fuji XS-10 or X100V, if I were to take it with a GFX camera I could create new opportunities: cropping and find an interesting subject that was on the general landscape photo that I couldn't see as good if I were using an XS-10 or taking  macro photo and going deep onto magnification of the image (as much as 50 or 100mp could allow me) and get a photo that couldn't be possible with a lower MP camera.

Taking photos of my daughter, my family and knowing the the portrait will have the added Medium Format look some people talk about.

IN CONCLUSION: Having the best Fuji camera available. If I love the X100V and XS-10 photos so much, how about having the possibility to obtain even better photos.

I mean, if I was taking a portrait of my daughter, with my XS-10 camera at a given aperture, shutter and ISO setting and film simulation and also with a GFX 100S or 50SII with exactly the same settings and film simulation, would the two photos be exactly the same or would the photo taken by the GFX camera be better (better color renditions, sharper, clearer, and better overall).

I repeat, being that I use my A7SIII for videos, one way could be selling all my equipment and just keep the X100V for street photography and buying an A1 as an end-game camera, but I know I miss the Fuji look...

I know the GFX won't be for street photography or for taking photos of my daughter or nephews playing a sport or dancing (I'd use the A7SIII or the XS-10), but I would be using it for macro, portrait, general objects (flowers, insects, cars, anything without movement) and landscape. If the results I got with the GFX were not to be that great of a difference with my current cameras, I would be obviously disappointed, that for sure. But I want to think the GFX could be for the APSC Fuji cameras something like the big brother, something like the A1 Sony camera is to the other Sony cameras.

That's my "dilemma". Buying a Sony A1, keep my current cameras and buy and better lenses, buying the GFX 50S II to obtain the medium format look and more megapixels (more cropping in and zooming that my current cameras) for a reasonable lower price in comparison with the GFX100S or buying the GFX100S knowing that it is as good as it get in Fuji cameras (like the A1 in Sony system) and keep learning and experimenting with all the photo opportunities that are there...

Thank you very much and excuse the long post. Also, excuse my English because it's not my native language.

Best regards,

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