Nikon D500 SD card overwrite issue

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Re: Nikon D500 SD card overwrite issue

MCrowley wrote:

I’ve been having an issue with my D500 where it overwrites images previously taken on my SD card. It has happened when I’m shooting, then turn the camera off for a duration of time, then turn it back on and take more photos. When I press the playback button the new photos I just took don’t appear until I scroll back through the images. The new photos appear not only out of sequence, but the previous photos on the card that they have “replaced” are no longer there and are not recoverable with software (I’ve tried!). For example, today I took pictures during a hike (without issue), and then in the evening took two pictures at home. My memory card now has hiking pictures, the two at home inserted in the middle and then more hiking pictures. At least one specific picture I remember taking during the hike is gone. It seems like the camera has chosen to name the more recent pictures the same as two previous images thereby overwriting them. I thought this was an issue with a particular SD card, but it has happened again with another one. I have not deleted any images from the card, from the camera or otherwise, and I took over 700 images on the card before this occurred. I’m sure I can reformat the card and see if it happens again, but it occurs so infrequently (approximately 3 times over the past three years of owning the camera) that I can’t be sure the issue is fixed. I haven’t updated the firmware to the latest version, but nothing like this as been mentioned as a fix, and when I previously tried to contact Nikon they were no help. Has anyone experienced anything like this or have any suggestions? Thank you in advance!

I’m not sure what the problem is here as I’ve neither experienced this with my D500 or ever heard of similar here.  
However, you mention turning off the camera after taking photos and then turning it back on again.  Nikon do warn of turning off the camera while the buffer is being written to the card losing images or corrupting them.  Now, this may sound a but buffers do not have to be written to cards sequentially.  It might be possible that this has something to do with it. In any case I’d simply avoid turning the camera off.  Nikon’s DSLRs are quite happy to be left on and don’t run a battery down.  I rarely switch my D500 off.  
This might help guard against that weird effect and certainly won’t do any harm.

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