10 bit or RAW for extreme colour changes?

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Re: 10 bit or RAW for extreme colour changes?

Upfront I have to say I have ZERO experience in capturing UV/IR in video. But I have spent a fair amount of time testing the Z6ii and some of the enhanced video capture options available to us, so I hope this helps on some level.

I do not shoot RAW, but I do use a Ninja V, with a few different "plug-ins" that combo offers. Namely, H.265 and ProRes, along with the Z6ii's 10bit NLOG 4:2:2 capture when paired with the Ninja V.

In my findings, I prefer to shoot in 10bit 4:2:2 and NLOG under H.265, then post it in PP CC using the Nikon Z6ii LUT, and export under H.264. I find the gradients much smoother with that workflow than exporting under H.265. Odd, but it's evident.  All of this is 4Kp30 FWIW.

Word to the wise, the ProRes files are humungous, like 5x the size of the same H.265 files [same subject, same studio location, same everything]. So much so that a 30-minute interview was beyond my willingness to edit due to file size alone, so I've landed on H.265 as my capture container.

Good luck and please keep us posted as this is an interesting use case.

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