Do people really change out their cameras every couple of years?

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Re: Do people really change out their cameras every couple of years?

thenoilif wrote:

Seeing a lot of hate towards the a7IV mostly because it seems like many are tired of their outdated a7III and want something much better. Unfortunately it appears that instead of taking the a9II and just relabelling it the a7IV, Sony has made an all around great camera for the modern content creator who may not already have a A7III, A7RIII-IV or A9I-II.

So, it really begs the question, are people on here mostly just looking for reason enough to change out their cameras every 2 years or so?

Professionals can write off their equipment each year, so they will upgrade much faster.

As to me,  I did frequent upgrades when I felt that the model or lens I was using came up short and the newer model or lens would remedy at least some of it.

Like others, my 'refresh' rate has slowed to a trickle - yes, the new models and lenses do sport 'better' features, but they are not 'needed' features for me, as my current equipment works just fine.

I can see this sentiment with some of the responses - willingness to upgrade seems to correlate to getting the 'latest and greatest', but at a discount. You can get the A1, problem solved right? But the A7iv is not the A1.

Personally, I think that the 33Mp is a great compromise (and upgrade from the 24Mp), and that it can cannibalize the 'R' line somewhat.

But marketing has to figure out how to keep the model lines separate and they dictate which features are and are not allowed to cross lines, or at what time.

'Pay more, get more' is the same as 'pay less, get less'. I believe that the A7iv is great value. The complainers aren't A7iv buyers for starters, rather, they should consider a used A1 (or A9) instead....

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