Surprised with the negative reception of the A7IV. What 1 feature did you want to see?

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Re: Surprised with the negative reception of the A7IV. What 1 feature did you want to see?

I wanted to upgrade but the following three major points made me reconsider:

1. Screen: I don't like as a stills shooter the articulating screen as it makes the physical dimensions of the camera wider when the screen is open. I shoot street photography and liked the tilting screen of the a lot better.

2. Rolling shutter in silent mode: There is apparently no advantage in the A7 IV versus the A7 III in this department. When shooting moving subjects from relatively small distance or really fast subjects the rolling shutter in silent mode can be a problem. With the A7 III it is really visible. From the reviews I saw on the A7 IV there is no change in this respect with the new model. Additionally, the flickering effect from artificial light when using the silent mode is also not mitigated/eliminated with the new model due to the still relatively slow readout speed of the sensor (I know that there is the A9 for this purpose, I just hoped that the A7 IV would be at least a little bit better compared to the previous model).

3. 5pfs when shooting uncompressed RAW: This is not a deal breaker, but could be better from my point of view.

I know that when looking at the points above one could get the impression that an A9/A9II may be better suited for my needs. That is true. Still, I am comparing the A7 IV with the previous model and for my personal needs (that are obviously subjective) the A7 IV is no real upgrade and even a downgrade to some extent. I did not expect a cheaper A9, just hoped that some of the issues described above will be partially addressed with the new model.



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