Airshows: video recording tips please

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Off The Mark wrote:

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For those who have made video recordings at airshows, can you please share your experience wrt the heads (ball head, gimbal head, fluid head, etc.) that were used when video recording the shows? Is using a fluid head a must?



A GOOD fluid head mounted on a steady tripod is going to be EXTREMELY HELPFUL at the least.

I've tried using ball heads in the past for some action shots and it was a complete and total disaster. (Of course, could be operator error.) Panning and tilting "worked" technically speaking (although very jerky), but I couldn't keep the roll axis steady at all with my heavy camera and lens. I gave up after about 12 minutes. None of the footage was even remotely usable. And it was mentally exhausting trying to balance it.

Depending on the internal stabilization of your camera, maybe a solid shoulder rig might work???

I don't have any idea if a properly balanced gimbal head would work (we are talking about a purely mechanical gimbal head that a wildlife photographer might use, right? Not electronic gimbals like DJI Ronin or Zhiyun Crane, right?) I could only imagine that even with a properly balanced mechanical gimbal head the footage still wouldn't be smooth when panning or tilting.

Thanks Off The Mark

Yes, I am referring to the gimbal head that we wildlife photographers use.

P.S. You have some great shots on your smugmug site. I encourage anyone seeing this to visit your site and check out your photos.

Thanks for viewing images there.  Photography is a just hobby which I like a lot.  I am trying to expand to areas out of my comfort zone to learn more and try to improve.

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