Death to Mojave!

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Tord S Eriksson
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Death to Mojave!

Hi all,

Not really myself yet, haven't talked to my doctor since my latest x-rays, and my couch is by now really bad and tiring, but my swollen foot is no longer swollen, but the clots are still there (did an ultrasonic scan the other day). But I'm in a good mood and the wine cellar is stocked (have you tried tea with honey and a tiny amount of dark rum? Not really jäger tea, but close). I probably should add that my Nikon 1 stuff takes up about as much space as the spirits and wine, so a very small wine cellar.
Anyway, I have dreaded upgrading my iMac to the newer operation but yesterday I forked out a tiny sum for the latest DxO PhotoLab 5, and started to install it! STOP!
I have been using MacOS Mojave for ages, as that was the last version of the OS that Aperture worked with. But the new version of DxO PL does not run under Mojave!!!!
So the investment in the software was either a total loss, or I had to take the jump into darkness and eventually, hopefully, re-emerge as a Big Sur user. 
Checking around I found a little app called Retroactive at App Store, and that makes some old software work with Big Sur, and that includes Aperture. Well, should I try?!
Aperture did not run well with my Mojave, I hasten to add, with occasional freeze-ups, so I was sceptical, but as my SAS friends say 'who dares wins' so what the heck Big Sur, here we come!

I found out (I love the internet) that upgrading to the latest Big Sur from such an old OS as Mojave will take anything from 17 minutes to several hours. 
So I pressed the button and waited, and waited. And waited. Even used my PC for a while, which also will have its DxO PL upgraded eventually. And then voila!
Being an old jerk, and just too sure of myself, I had done no backups, nothing to reinstall should things go really awry. Not even any TimeMachine backups.
Actually, the only thing I did have to reinstall was DxO PL 5, and Aperture runs like a dream, or like it did pre-Mojave! Amazing!
So I have started to delete lots of old images, and relearn how to export from Aperture — where do I control where the files end up?!  Maybe that doesn't work as before (the app making Aperture work is pretty basic, so I might have to do it differently, export as mail, or something.

But scrolling through my images in Aperture is now a delight, all the toggles work, not crashing after a while, that it used to do under Mojave.
So life might be hell but Big Sur is nice as is PL 5!

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