Google Pixel 6 PRO not as good as we thought?

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Re: Google Pixel 6 PRO not as good as we thought?

YWG wrote:

Drzewoid wrote:

New photos

I'm still not impressed, zoom is poor, UWA is poor, main camera looks good, but is it really better than Pixel 5?

Huawei P50 PRO ordered 😁😂

Samples are pretty small. Even with that, a lot of the photos look quite bad, especially the zoomed in ones.

Reading through the posts it seems ppl are quite impressed and some even gleefully saying it beats iphone 13. I wonder if it is just fanboyism, paid posters or people just honestly don't know what a dedicated camera can do.

iPhone 13 IQ is ok, not great, I've seen a few comparisons with the S21 Ultra and in those the edge goes to the S21 Ultra, and remember the S21 Ultra is not the best camera phone any how, the Huawei's and Sony Xperia's III are showing the most natural IQ. If there was a ranking I'd reckon iPhone 13 is about 5th, maybe, its SOOC jpegs are just to processed and smeared, easy to see in the iPhone 13 Pro max gallery here on DPReview. Normally the Pixels don't smear detail as much as Samsung and Apple, so I'd be surprised if its SOOC jpegs are not better. We'll see when the reviews start coming out...

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