Breathing room for the X-H2?

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Re: Breathing room - 8K and stuff

palane wrote:

I doubt the H1 was a sales flop, but it was a timing flop.I'd guess most made are sold.

It should have been the headline camera with the 26mp BSI,not the old end of the line 24mp generation.

However,when Fuji released it they said they had demand for a Dslr size body with IBIS,so they made one.

Its still a very good camera and a bargain for what you get.

The H line is the most sealed/rugged of all Fujis,thats why its not a one off.

I'll guess the H2 will be pretty awesome, when its revealed, kinda like the 100/100S GFX line has had unprecedented demand.

It will be 8K @ the cheapest price available, so that will appeal to a certain portion of the market.Then theres the people who want the highest resolution for the least price.With the 150-600mm coming, that combination will be an action/wildlife combination that could become very popular like the D500 did.

I agree in most…

I’m one ofthose who bought H1 when discount was about 50%…  and was happy

You did not mention the shutter sound - to me it has been one of the most enjoyable things. 
I can /want not make real videos -  i think the user interface is well made and made for video shooters anyways. 4K is enough for everything - of course commercially 8K will be necessary ( but very few will use it)

IF H2 has something really special and does not weight more  i will consider it - at the moment i see no reason to upgrade. Investing in new batteries, grip and some WR lenses is not so tempting .  8K  is only marketing…

Yes - H2 can be a great camera. But it must have so many great gadgets - like AF system, bigger buttons and wheels  to make using it comfortable also in winter.  
My R6 is not so heavily built , but H2 must have many of the things - like AF… and ergonomics /menu system made better

Size and weight matters a lot ,  26mp is more than enough

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