Nikon D500 support issues

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Re: Nikon D500 support issues

Ruekon wrote:

Pango1in wrote:

I'm considering changing my D500 for a Z6ii.

Before selling, I thought I would check my shot count, as it's been 5 years and I reckoned I'd need that information for the advert. To my surprise, it was 251k, as I usually take somewhere between 10-15k of photos a year.

How did I end up taking so much? Well.. in 2017, I sent my body in for warranty work (battery discharge) and lens matching. I traced the shot count on several photos to June 2017. Last photo in my archive before the camera was sent read 17k shots, after, it read 200k.

Has anyone else had this issue and how did Nikon respond?

I'm starting to think another brand might be worth a shot, as it's not the first set of issues I've had with Nikon!

10-15k of photos a year sum up to 50-75k in 5 years. Less than 251k shutter activations, but in the same order -- 3-5 shutter activations per photo. So what?

50-75k of photos also means that your D500 paid off, didn't it?

The problem being that if I sell the camera and someone asks how many shutter actuations there are, if I respond with 251k (more than the state 200k lifespan) then it significantly devalues the camera. I certainly wouldn't buy one with that many actuations.

This is nothing to do with the personal value I've had out of the camera.

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