DxO5 vs CaptureOne vs very underexposed shadows

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DxO5 vs CaptureOne vs very underexposed shadows

Warning ahead: this shot is very dark and underexposed because I was shooting into the sun for artistic effect.

I'm not sure this is really a serious test-case. Also, I have noticed similar effects in DxO in the past with my Canon M5 camera when pushing dark shadows too far, so the output artefacts it produces are not Fuji - specific.

The RAF file:


The out-of-camera JPEG output:

Out-of-camera JPEG output

Very dark. I wanted to lift the blacks just a bit. In CaptureOne 21 I raised to blacks to 35.

CaptureOne 21:

CaptureOne 21. Some green banding visible on the left.  Blacks raised to 35.

Exposure X6: (bonus comparison!)

Exposure X6. Some green banding visible on the left. Blacks raised to 63 to try matching the sky lightness level of CaptureOne 21..

Next, DxO PL5 blacks raised to 35 as well:

DxO PL5, blacks raised to 35, DeepPrime engaged (but that only makes the green band less ugly).

Ow... That didn't go very well in the dark shadows. And the sky on the right is still considerably darker than in the DxO version. Raising the blacks even more to try matching CaptureOne 21...

DxO PL5. Blacks raised to 50 to try match the sky in CaptureOne 21. Halos and ugly, ugly green banding...

Well, this really happens only when trying to raise the blacks from very, very deep. The basic green banding issue is visible on CaptureOne 21 output as well, so it's not a problem unique to DxO but it's rather the lack of data from the sensor here in this corner which mostly manifests as green pixel highlights for some reason.

On my Canon M5, I would see red and green stripes in situations like this.

As I said before, this is really a corner case, not a very valid test perhaps. But it's also not a type of output artefacts I see from other RAW processors.

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