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Re: Guess The Place #220

HansAlbert wrote:


Looks like its near a city in the former 'Zonenrandgebiet', where about 40 years ago I had to listen to a (rather boring) speech, delivered by the mayor, who later became our Minister of Finance.

Or, where 30 years ago, they opened their brand new modern ICE train station, to find out they had completely forgotten about the toilets! (factually not 100% correct, but it was all over the news like this in those days. Actually the toilets were just a little delayed, because there was some controversy between city and architect where to exactly have them).

Back in the early seventies, whenever our guesthouses/bars here in my area closed at 1 a.m. and we still felt like another beer, we drove with our bikes to a café/bar near Trier, that was always open until 4 a.m., with live music/bands and everything. The café's name was the same as this castle's. A bit too complicated to pronounce for some US GI friends, so they just called it 'the shoe' (also the way 'Kaiserslautern' became 'K-town').


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