Advice on a new Compact P&S Camera

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Re: Advice on a new Compact P&S Camera

One of the most versatile and good value cameras of the small and multi-purpose compact P&S  type, with very good IQ for its type and a range of genuinely useful functions, is an Olympus TG model. The current model is a TG6 but any of TG 4, 5 or 6 perform well. TG4s can be had in very good condition 2nd hand from ebay and the like for not that much.

Since dust in the camera seems to be your main reason for wanting another camera, an Olympus TG might be a doubly worthy candidate. They are genuinely dust, water and shock proof.  I take mine on most days when I walk the dogs (every day) in all weathers and conditions, including those involving lots of rain, mud or sand.

There's also a range of useful accessories, including a ring flash and similar longer-light gubbins that are mounted around the lens and use the camera's built-in lights to provide fill-in light of various intensities without harsh shadows.

I had a TG4 for some years (which remains not just functional but smart-looking) and currently use a TG6 for it's increased abilities over the TG4 in "microscope" mode (used for extreme close-ups, including those given a deep DoF via focus stacking).


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