Google Pixel 6 PRO not as good as we thought?

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Re: Google Pixel 6 PRO not as good as we thought?

YWG wrote:

Drzewoid wrote:

New photos

I'm still not impressed, zoom is poor, UWA is poor, main camera looks good, but is it really better than Pixel 5?

Huawei P50 PRO ordered 😁😂

Samples are pretty small. Even with that, a lot of the photos look quite bad, especially the zoomed in ones.

Click mouse right button, and then open image in new window - there is bigger image

Reading through the posts it seems ppl are quite impressed and some even gleefully saying it beats iphone 13. I wonder if it is just fanboyism, paid posters or people just honestly don't know what a dedicated camera can do.

Hard to say, but for my the most important is zoom camera. I like main camera from pixel, but zoom proably never be like P50 PRO or Mi11 Ultra, so i decided order P50 PRO now.

elmar1 wrote:

I will wait and see what happens. There are many photos circulating, some of them not in original resolution, some from an apparent not updated software, who knows.

Google may work all time to improve processing I like indoor photos from new pixel - very good.

I agree that some of the photos look underwhelming, which makes me wonder. Some images though had a pretty good amount of detail which I liked. But well we will see what the reviews say. Have fun with your P50 Pro - and dont forget to post images!

Thanks, when i get it i will send pictures

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