Slow Autofocus in Low-Light w/ Z6II

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Slow Autofocus in Low-Light w/ Z6II

Hi folks,
I'm a new owner of the Z6II and so far, loving it. However I'm noticing that the autofocus is substantially slower with adapter lenses than it was on my D800.
It is most noticeable with the 300mm F/4 PF. On my D800, even in low light, it is snappy quick, if it can find any kind of contrast whatsoever.

This same lens on my Z6II with FTZ, it hunts so much. It will eventually focus, but even with Thom Hogan's suggestions here:

More specifically, this paragraph:
"If you're struggling, in the order you should do it: (1) set a correct exposure; (2) make sure you're focusing on a contrasty area; (3) rotate the camera slightly to help find some short axis detail; and (4) invoke the Low-Light AF/Apply Settings to Live View/ISO help."
And while this helps, it is still infuriatingly slow compared to the D800. The moment there is direct light, that sort of high contrast, the Z6II focuses fine, but in dim conditions it really struggles.
The only way I can get similar AF in dim light conditions is if I set the Z6II to Auto-Area AF, In that case it seems to perform fine. D800 focus is still a teeeeny bit better, but at least it isn't day and night.

That said, Auto-Area AF is not something I can use. It always focuses on the wrong thing in busy shots, with branches, and twigs, when trying to shoot wildlife. 95% of my work is shot in single-point AF. Yes I've also tried Pinpoint AF.

I have not tried with any Z-mount lenses, since I don't have one yet, so can't compare that unfortunately.
Thanks for hearing me out, I'm hoping I'm just inept and that this is something I can improve by just getting better.

Nikon D800
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