few RF 100-400mm test shots if interested...

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few RF 100-400mm test shots if interested...

I haven't posted here for long time ... but managed to snag the new 100-400 mm lens in the local camera store tonight so here are first few test shots if anyone is interested.

I snapped these in my backyard and it was getting dark quick so the fine details might be killed by high iso somewhat ...

I was hesitant to get this lens and really went to buy one off the wide ones ( 14-35 or 16)but someone bought the only 16 2.8 they had online like 2 mins before me ).

With realistic but still high expectations I reluctantly dished out 704$ with tax already having 70-200 2.8 RF which is fantastic , much heavier and way more expensive... and also short quite often...( I loved the 70-200 on dx bodies , on FX I find it often not long enough)

I like what canon is doing with these new RF cheap yet good enough quality lenses . The build is nice, all the rings are smooth and performance is surprisingly great and actually really awesome for the money AND weight. I used to own EF 100-400 II and while sharper then this lens it was also way more expensive and heavy as a pig. This lens is straight up FUN , while producing satisfactory images for the price point. Don't fear the F8 . seems with these new "hobbyist" lenses they are designed to be sharp even wide opened . Unlike older consumer EF zooms when they were 5.6 or 6.3 but you had to stop down to F8 anyway to get decent image... Again ... don't expect L sharpness and contrast but nothing couple sliders in editing couldn't fix at least partially. And Id much rather lug this feather weight around then 100-500 . Really ...it is amazingly light.

also the lens only stays 5.6 till about 135 mm then it goes downhill lol .

overall Im happy with my purchase. If it was 1000+ lens Id expect hair better performance but for 650 MSRP It performs excellent IMO. and for once I didn't get a dud that has a fuzzy corner or is decentered which used to happen quite a lot with non L EF lenses from my experience. Seems the RF ones are made with tighter tolerances and better quality control.

I don't have R5 to test this on higher MP body so R6 will have to do for now.

to judge the actual sharpness you must open these in separate window then zoom in ...

shot as standard profile JPG.

one thing I DISLIKE... the lens seems to be visibly less sharp at 1/125 S and especially 1/160 s shutter speeds with IS on . IDK what it is but seems that anything below or above that is sharper . I have to do some more testing in good light but it is little frustrating having to keep this in mind.

Canon EF 100-400mm F4.5-5.6L IS II Canon EOS R5 Canon EOS R6
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