UPS unit for iMac i9 2020

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Re: UPS unit for iMac i9 2020

I am on my second APC in 15 years or so, and they haven’t let me down. Maybe I’m just lucky. The battery in my first one never died and I was thinking it was time to get it a new battery, but since it had been in service so long I decided to replace the whole thing to get a current one with an info screen on the front. I also have a CyberPower on my home entertainment system. Both brands have responded as expected, including during today’s storm on the west coast of the USA when the APC recorded many power events during which it switched to battery for a second or two.

The warning about laser printers is simple. Laser printers fuse toner with heat, so there is a heating element in there. Heaters must never be plugged into a home-grade UPS, because the heating elements draw so many watts that they will leave very little runtime for any other devices, and also because when the heating element cycles on it can cause a sudden, brief, but very high demand for power that may exceed the wattage rating of the UPS.

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