First outing and at night: my initial thoughts

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First outing and at night: my initial thoughts

The quick thoughts I have from taking it out of the box and immediately using it at an outdoor night market are:

  • The new, tighter lens is really natural to shoot with - almost too much and I felt like I treated it like point-shoot and didn't bother framing much - that's on me. I think the wider lens took more thought that I realized. (I also don't like people / taking their pix makes me uncomfortable, so I didn't 'street' at all like most would - and it was basically only my second "in a large crowd" experience of the last two years so it was just awkward on my part, too)
  • Had focus problems I wasn't expecting coming from GR II - this could be a combo of shallow depth of field + it was night + I am just lost on settings (I just got it, and it's more different than GR II than I was expecting - I didn't think it was paying attention when I clicked on the screen to focus and I had to turn off face focus to get any sign or landscape right in a crowd). A couple smaller moments I liked I am not sharing as I couldn't figure what was in focus. That never happens with GR II for me, and I have shot at night with people with it.
  • I was a bit disappointed that it didn't feel less noisy than GR II, and I thought this noise is less pleasant... as I said, I need to work on settings, but GR II results, though can be very noisy, are just nice and film-like to me - I don't love it, but it's not bothersome, either. I was hoping higher ISO was less noisy but that doesn't seem to be the case. I need to limit how high auto ISO goes, and lower the minimum shutter speed, I think.
  • I did find the background blur far better. I think the GR II is pretty messy - GR IIIx just blurs out nicely or provides some round bokeh. This was expected and I look forward to more nature pix with nicer out-of-focus areas.
  • I am disappointed that the macro doesn't seem any better than GR II - I thought a tighter lens would allow me to "get closer" to the subject, but, since I cannot get as physically close and the focus was really rough, I thought what was in-frame was similar but depth of field far too shallow. I'll have to play with it more or bring both cameras and shoot the same thing to really understand if this is real or not. I could not get a good focus on the flower, had to hold focus while I moved back until what I wanted was focused. :-/
  • Still super easy to pick out of a pocket one handed while holding stuff in my other hand - a bit worried about not having a lens hood for outdoor stuff (I keep that on the II for hiking mostly to protect the opening and such from getting dirty from dusty trails). Actually, less stuff on the back was better - nothing was accidentally hit, something I do on GR II sometimes. Being a bit smaller, it fit in my jacket pocket even easier, but I usually have it clipped outside a backpack.
  • There's no 'second love' thing happening - I think you only fall in love with your first GR. (-; I adore the camera, I love the form factor, I hope it will be fun to shoot tighter next time I hit the trails.

Again, settings are very different, surprisingly to me, and I have a lot to work on to get back to what I like, but I think this solidified my decision to not sell GR II for GR III. I need to get the IIIx onto the trails, where I think I'll be a bit happier with results as I routinely find the GR II too wide and flat-looking for landscapes.

Night images, color is Lightroom from DNG, any black and whites are out-of-camera "hard" and unedited (I have to look up how to emulate GR II high contrast black and white, nothing in here was the same). Nothing was cropped. Tried to get my fav TaV but need to monkey with settings more...

Steamed pork bun (bao) dressed up like a bee

Start of sunset...

Hibiscus Strawberry was heaven, Horchata was very heavy cinnamon <3

The sunset went on for an hour, really great!

Etoile Filante Pâtisserie

Wikid Canvas

faedri / Leanne Huynh



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