Some Help With The Canon M50 Mark II

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Some Help With The Canon M50 Mark II

Hello everyone.   I've been forcing myself to get out of my comfort zone and learn more about the Canon M50 MKII mirrorless camera.  I've had two of them for a few months with two different lenses.  I learn about them by using them.  It can be frustrating sometimes, but it's worth it in the long run.  I do like the relatively lightweight and smaller size of each mirrorless camera with the EF-M lenses.  Previously I've been using DSLR cameras for over 10 years from two different manufacturers.  I still use the DSLR cameras; I enjoy them too.

OK, I've used them enough to find some things that maybe you can help me with.

1) On the Canon M50 MKII is there a way to hit a display button to remove the "Quick
Control" menu settings?  I have that on my Canon T7i (800D) camera.

2) On the Canon M50 MKIi, is there a way to access quickly the "Quick Control" menu settings (like I can on my DSLR camera)?  Right now I have to hit the Info button four times for that to pop up.

3) On the Canon M50 MKII, is there a way to quickly change to using the viewfinder only or the LCD screen only quickly without going into the menu.  When I go into the menu, that can be found by looking for that tool icon and then the number 3.  On my Canon T7i (800D) camera I can push the Live View button for that to happen quickly.

These are things I've found on my Canon T7i (800D) camera that make it much easier to use.  Is there a way I can customize the Canon M50 Mark II to achieve the same results?  Or is it just something that we have to live with until Canon changes the design? Or is there something more that I could learn to do this better?

I also found another workaround when the Canon M50 Mark II VF/LCD display is set on auto and the LCD screen shuts off when it is placed too close to the face.  I moved the LCD screen to the left side and then it would not activate that sensor to shut on and off the LCD screen.  I like to get real close to the LCD screen while chimping.  I'm constantly chimping.

I apologize if I got some of the terminology incorrect.  Maybe we can talk our way through it, if I did.  I was happy yesterday that I learned a bunch of more things about the camera.  Even if the camera wasn't as easy to operate as my DSLR camera (from what I know at the moment) at least I found ways to use it with the way that it was designed (regardless of whether it could be made better or not).

I appreciate your insight.  A lot of you have used these mirrorless cameras for a long time.  Thanks.

I really like how the camera performs.  Here's a photo I took yesterday.  It was taken under cloudy weather to the point of almost raining.  On the West Coast we are getting quite a bit of moisture.  I've been taking pictures between rainstorms using my umbrellas.

Canon EOS M50 (EOS Kiss M) Canon EOS Rebel T7i / EOS 800D / Kiss X9i
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