Disappointed by A7IV fps and lossless raw performance

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You overestimate the effect of lossy RAW. There is pretty much none. Noise, Resolution, DR, etc... are all unaffected.

Also the times you wan't speed you generally don't need the last bit of IQ. That's why the R5 is called a 20FPS camera and not a 8 FPS body, even though it drops far more IQ for that speed. All electronic shutter modes on that camera are 12bit regardless of speed and drop DR. And the 12 FPS mechanical is 13bit. Only 8FPS gives you 14 bit.

Even sports cameras have this. The A9 is 12bit at 20 FPS and compressed. It only offers full IQ at 12 FPS. The A1 only allows compressed RAW at 30FPS (but still 14bit) and needs to drop to 20 FPS for uncompressed.

A Z6 II is only 14 FPS with a single AF point in 12bit mode. For 14bit it drops to 10FPS but still omits live view. For live view it drops to 5.5FPS

So where is the alternative that is faster?

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