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Jtoolman has done the CM/I1PRO comparison.....


I'm surprised that he didn't use some other gamut plot software that could handle the I1PRO V4 ICC profile and the other flaw is in using the standard paper profile which used a different printer and "OEM" inks. The CM and I1PRO profiles were made using Precision Colors inks which close to OEM but not exact. Sort of an apples and oranges comparison.

I'm getting bored, need something to do, so I purchased on Ebay yesterday a CM Photo (looks mint) at a very low price and will do a Red River supplied paper ICC profile, I1PRO profile, and Colormunki profile comparison using Epson OEM ink with an Epson Printer and RR paper. I will then analyze the profiles using ColorThink PRO as I did below for a comparison of ICC profiles from the Xrite I1PRO versus the Xrite Pulse Color Elite spectros. As you can see there are very low DeltaE deviations when comparing 130,000 sampled color points. I sorted the DeltaE readings in descending order and it looks like the worse case is approximately 3 which no one would notice. The two Grainger photos have the ICC profiles applied and the DeltaE photo indicates in yellow where the two ICC applied photos deviate the most which is negligible to the eye.

Bob P.

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