Making LG OLED (consumer) monitor work for photography

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Making LG OLED (consumer) monitor work for photography

LG OLED displays are known to dim when there is a static image on the screen. Here is a way to solve that problem...

I had an LCD 43" display for years (I think that is the right size), but I was frustrated that the blacks are not-that-black when working in a dark room. I had used the UHD/HDR version, but my last monitor did not calibrate using Spyder sensor/software, so I had an opportunity to try something else.

I decided to try an “expensive” OLED display. Not a professional monitor, a consumer TV - I got LG brand, since I understand they make most the panels no matter what brand you get. I got a Costco 48” 2021 OLED48C1.AUB TV. About $1,200. I would have selected a smaller display - 43" - but I don't think they make a consumer OLED that size.

LG doesn’t want burn-in, so they have a fancy system that detects a static image and dims the screen. Slowly dims the screen so it’s hard to tell, until the software decides it needs to be bright again and it blasts you with the brightness. In fact it is shifting so that the Spyder calibration system can’t do a good job of calibration since the screen dims during measurements! After many days of internet searching for “LG OLED screen dimming” solutions, I finally got it to work.

Bottom line: LG OLED is a good photo editing display, but it’s not perfect. One thing is that there is a slight color shift off-axis. On a full-screen white/gray the center may be “white” but looking left/right at a 30” distance from the display there is a slight turquoise / pink shift. Not enough to change most images, but it is there. I find it to be perfectly acceptable. I generally don’t do photos of a pure white scene.

To make it work you NEED to get a service remote control for the set (the control that comes with the set can’t get to the service menu). I got MKJ39170828 Factory SVC Remocon Service Remote Control Compatible with LG LCD LED TV from Amazon for under $10. On remote you press the IN START button, input the secret code (0413), navigate to the OLED settings and turn off TPC (Temporal Peak Luminance Control). Press the IN START button again and you are done.

I plug in my computer to HDMI-2. My settings are:

Mode: Filmmaker Mode

Brightness: OLED Pixel: 80; Contrast: 85; Screen Bright: 50

Auto Dynamic: off; Peak Brightness: off; Gamma: BT.1886

Color: Color Depth 50; Tint: 0; Color Gamut: Auto Detect

Clarity: Sharpness: 10; Super Resolution: off; Noice Reduction: off

MPEG Noise Reduction: off; Smooth Gradation: off; Cinema Screen: on (not selectable)

Reduce Blue Light: off

Aspect Ratio: 16:9 / Just Scan

I then use Spyder 5 Pro sensor and application on my Mac to adjust the color and it works! Great picture that doesn’t dim.

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