18-55 seems better than the xc(xf) 35mm ?

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Re: 18-55 seems better than the xc(xf) 35mm ?

Miguel-C wrote:

There is a lot of sample variation with fuji lenses. For instance the 18-55mm is less sharp than the kit lens 16-50mm II for all the video's comparison's ive seen, but some people swear by that lens.

Likey you got a bad 35mm copy and a really good 18-55mm one.

My copy of the XC 16-50 ll is definitely a better lens optically than my copy of the XF 18-55, which surprised me. Too bad since I like the build of the XF lens better. I know Lenstip.com had good things to say about the XC 16-50 stating it had no real "slip-ups" as they say.  But like you said there is a lot of sample variation in Fujinon lenses apparently, which is something Fujifilm needs to fix if they want to be seen as a quality lens maker.

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