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A couple of thoughts

Any spike or mine shaft in the surface of a gamut volume should lead to a strong suspicion that a patch was misread, and that the profiling software failed to flag it - especially if this was a rare occurrence. Is it likely that there is a major discontinuity between a 95% ink delivery and one at 100% that would have been revealed by another half dozen patches in the vicinity? That feels far-fetched to me.


Bump or dip anomalies in a profile that by wild luck just happen to be located on the gamut surface are of course readily seen in these 3D presentations, but maybe they are relatively less likely to result in harm of the visual appearance of a print. There would have to be some of those extreme colors present in the image, however the volume percentage of just the outer skin approaches nil. On the other hand a warp or discontinuity within the volume which is more likely to occur (there were more test points there) won’t show up in one of those 3D plots at all, but it could still damage a gradient. I’d like to see cross sectional slices of the gamut analogous to CAT scan presentations where a brain tumor is diagnosed.

Is there a “standard” color print test image that is loaded with gradients in many directions, not just primaries to white or primaries to black? Those squares with axes of hue and luminance are a good start, so maybe several of those at different saturations might make a good probe.

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