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Re: 5DS R DSLR In Stock B&H Photo

Norm Neely wrote:

gipper51 wrote:

Every time I see it come back in stock I wonder if I should just get the 5DSR and sell my new R5. The price difference will buy some nice glass. The R5 is awesome but my photos didn't suck any more or less before before that camera.

If you can scrape up enough funds, I think both cameras would complement each other. Also the glass for the 5DS R will work on the R5.

Your R5 for sports and wildlife eye detection.

The 5DS R for landscape and portraits.

5DS-R vs D810 vs 5D Mk III: Landscape Photography (with tips!) - YouTube

A 20 x 30 print you have 289.6ppi That's so close to the magic 300ppi I don't think anyone would notice the difference. Especially on a large print that's on a wall.

Also not that bad for birding or moving subjects. If you decide to sell the R5.



Not up to the R5 eye detection, but not all that bad.

I have to agree and that was my recent thought process. I bought an R5 back in August to supplement/replace my 1DX for professional work. The 1DX was getting a little long in the tooth. Right after I bought the R5, I saw the 5DS R on sale for $1499. I didn't know they were selling them so cheap before that. $1500 for a nearly top-tier 50MP camera? It was an absolute steal!

Like Norm said, it's great for landscapes and portraits and as a general walk-around camera so I don't wear out the R5 too fast. It also gives me another camera to extend the life of all of my EF glass. With a 4-year Canon plan, I should be good with that old glass for quite a while, especially while I build up my inventory of RF glass.

The other benefit is that I do a lot of photo trips and having both the 5DS R and the R5 lets me have two cameras on hand fast with more than 45MP--one for wildlife and one for landscapes. For me, it's a great combination without having to spend crazy money.

And to be honest, it's still a process for me to get used to all of the controls and different modes of operation on the R5. It's a different process to adjust things on the fly. I like the more straightforward controls and cleaner interface of the 5DS R. I guess I'm just old fashioned.

I told my camera buddy the other day that if he didn't need the fast and sticky AF of the new R cameras, he'd be crazy not to get the 5DS R at the current price.

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