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Re: Prop firearms should be incapable of killing

dmanthree wrote:

Strangefinder wrote:

Jon-Erik Hexum was killed whilst filming a 1980s action series. The gun was loaded with blanks, however, the impact at point-blank range to the head was sufficient to kill him anyway. Brandon Lee, too, of course.

I remember him very well. He was trying to show someone how "safe" a gun loaded with blanks was. The percussion drive a piece of bone into his brain.


But yes, why? And who in god's name gave an actor a loaded gun? Even with blanks? Going forward, digital effects only should be the rule. No need even for guns loaded with blanks. They'll add sound and effects after the fact anyway.

Yes, all the discussion regarding gun safety becomes irrelevant when the prop is not a gun at all; has never been a gun; and cannot serve as a gun.  Practical effects may still be useful, too, but there’s no question that props and cgi can produce a better experience than the real thing.  As you point out, there is already a longstanding tradition of dubbing and elaborating gunfire.

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