Identifying Focus Stacked/Bracketed Images

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Re: Identifying Focus Stacked/Bracketed Images

CameraCarl wrote:

I was experimenting with my new R5 and decided to do a series of focus bracketed landscape images. I tried, maybe, six to ten different series of bracketed images of the same scene. Now that I am home I realize that I have well over a hundred almost indistinguishable images in a row. In retrospect I realize I should have done something to mark the start and end of each series, but I didn't. Does anyone have a suggestion about how to separate one group of images from the next one? The only way I can think of is to look at the metadata and use the date/time, but I'm looking for other suggestions. And also for suggestions about how to note each series of images in the field.

For sorting after the fact: look at the date/time with an EXIF viewer and have a lot of patience.

When you're out shooting, the focus stacking mode will put a folder icon with a '+' inside on the screen, that will create a new folder on your card, e.g. 101CANON. Press it again and it will create 102CANON and so on. If you press it at the start and end of each stack you should have them nicely separated into folders.

You'll probably have to manually copy the folders, LR will grab all images in one go.

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