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Thoughts on leading technology

deednets wrote:

Golly, you really butchered that one 🤪

The surfboard wasn't a new one and my take was the general calibration was "anti" within its insanity.

Having said that 2 aspects come to mind here:

  • Were those near 20 years I used an F3 richer or poorer in terms of enthusiasm regarding photography?
  • Will there be an end to this, like blu-ray never made it big as streaming 720 or 1080 often already sufficient for most?

The air getting thinner the higher you go, like listening to an old audiophile CD using Straight Wire or Fast Audio. Krell or some Scandinavian insanity, never again maybe one nothing in it anymore where you don't think Grace Kelly shot with this camera might look interesting???

And then Fuji teases you with a GFX100V. 100Mpx, 45/2 fixed lens, 14 aperture blades .

In brushed Titanium to shoot your favourite cat: look at those whiskers!!!

So, yeah, maybe some time left for this smell of "new" even though it may never be the same as that VW Beetle in 1967 🙂

The challenge for any company dabbling in high technology is to keep it relevant and desirable.  As cameras reach that "good enough" threshold, manufacturers have to get increasingly creative to provide enough value add in a new product to not only attract new users, but also to lure existing ones into upgrading. There will always be a body of early adopters with decent sized pocketbooks who will serially upgrade their gear, even if the new features and technology might not be all that compelling (I used to be one of those until retirement and a fixed income made that impractical).  However, once you've "milked" that early adopter market (which isn't big enough to make a new product profitable), the combination of features and pricing has to appeal to a much broader audience to achieve an acceptable return on investment... hence reductions in price and lower end models over time.

The long honored strategy has always been to introduce new technology at the high end and milk the "early adopter" market.  The X-H1 fell into that category, but unfortunately really didn't have the technology needed to be really successful in that role.  IMHO, if Fujifilm were to introduce a truly class leading camera at a price that isn't in the upper atmosphere, I think they could be successful at it and yield enough return on investment (ROI) from those of us with enough shekels in our pockets to afford the newest and best technology at a premium price.  The key is that the technology really has to be leading and have "legs" (i.e. continue to be leading at least for a while).  The X-H1 fell well short of that mark... the question is whether Fuji learned from that experience and will get it right next time around.  Here's to hoping.....

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