Breathing room for the X-H2?

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Re: Breathing room for the X-H2?

trewsbury76 wrote:

Fuji X-H1 a sales flop with heavy discounting (soon after release) to prove that point. Even X-T3 out of production holds its value better than any X-H1. That is not to say X-H1 was a bad camera. X-H1 copy of Leica camera with same top-plate readout.

In France retailers avoided X-H1 recommending XT-3 without image stabilisation. Even XT-2 recognised as game-changer in the APS-C stakes admired amongst semi-professional users.

Everyone defends what they own; or use. XT-4 with improved image stabilisation makes the X-HI completely obsolete. Now Fuji have the same problem with X-T5 clashing with X-H2.

I'm not sure if your comments were aimed at me, since you responded directly to my post, but I don't recall defending anything.  There's no question that the technology (AF in particular) in the X-H1 is well out of date, and was already behind the times when it was introduced.  At this point, little wonder since the camera has been around for a good while now.  I'm pretty sure that Fujifilm has learned a lesson or two with the camera and if the X-H2 is to be successful, it will require a more significant leap in technology and better differentiation from the remainder of Fuji's APS-C product line.  It's clear that they are not rushing it to market, so I hope that the wait will be worth it and that the camera will be more of a technology leader than its predecessor.  Time will tell.

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