Which RF lenses aren’t as good as their (adapted) EF counterparts?

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Re: Which RF lenses aren’t as good as their (adapted) EF counterparts?

1Dx4me wrote:

gipper51 wrote:

While I don't own any RF cameras (any more) or RF glass, I was less than impressed with reviews of the RF 15-35. The vignetting at the wide end is atrocious, and seems to offer little to no improvement elsewhere over the excellent EF 16-35 f4L or 2.8 VIII. Not worth the price IMHO.

The RF 70-200s are both very good but optical quality is not the reason to upgrade from a late model EF 70-200. Buy RF purely for the size and weight savings. The latest EF 70-200s (f2.8 and f4) have very little room for improvement. The RF 70-200 f4 looks to be a brilliant little lens, and the small size can make me look past its weaker bokeh. That may be my first RF lens when I eventually do take the plunge.

The RF 50L and 85L primes definitely seem to be a notch or two above the older EF versions, which are both over a decade old. The RF 24-105L is also a good jump; the EF vII should have been this good (or close to it).

All of the new non-L RF primes seem to be one step forward and one step back from EF. Verdict for all reads as "It's good, but...". Good optics but slower AF systems. Shame to upgrade the ancient 85 1.8 to a new lens and have slower AF. I'd take the EF 35/2 IS over the new RF 35.

For lenses I'd realistically buy, the RF 70-200 f4 and 24-105L are the the only ones on my radar. My EF 70-200 stays at home a lot because of its size. I'll happily use my EF glass to cover everything else.


agreed, i am planning to keep all of my EF "L" lenses when i move to canon ILC cameras when the right one comes along. the changes (+/-) are so meager that taking a big financial losses bi unloading the the EF isn't worth it. i might pick a RF here and there over time but nothing crazy like unloading my EF lenses and starting with RF from scratch (sorry for repeating myself ).

Thanks for this! I wasn't sure how to address these issues, but I own a fair number of high end EF "L" lenses and wondered what to do if I ever went mirrorless.

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