Breathing room for the X-H2?

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Re: Breathing room for the X-H2?
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With regards to any AF improvement, obviously a new sensor and processor will help, but the hardware will only get you so far, you still need to build a powerful focus algorithm into your firmware to process the data received at lightning speed, to be effective.

It's evident that Sony and Canon have invested heavily in this regard, with their ability to identify and lock onto subjects rapidly and "stickily" being highly lauded. Sony obviously has resources from other divisions which have likely helped the development of their AF, and Canon have been working on DPAF for some years and obviously stepped it up with the R5/6.

Fujifilm really punch above their weight on almost every other regard, and I really hope they've put some clever magic into this which will finally push their AF performance right up there. At least to the point where it's no longer remarked on as "good, not great".

I'm with you. I'm always disappointed by seemingly simple situations where someone will be walking, not even running towards me, and I'll be in zone AF-C, and I'll sometimes have less than a 50% keeper rate. Unacceptable in my book.

I think it's interesting to look at Panasonic Lumix too, although they get a lot of flack for their contrast/DFD autofocus, they've been making substantial firmware upgrades and are at least demonstrating a quite decent looking eye/face/body tracking system for both humans and animals - which seems to be quite "sticky" and well trained for different types of animals, even picking out small birds in trees etc.

Panasonic are similar to Sony, in that they've probably used resources and expertise from within the company, such as their video expertise.

This is what worries me about Fujifilm, there are obviously very clever people working there, but do they have those technological resources to build a competing autofocus system? I sure hope so...

They don't need to have it in house.  Contract it out.

Wonder how many people gave already gone from Fuji to Sony for the AF.  If they don't sort it out in the next generation there will be R6s and A7IVs going for sub 2k...  I do fear for fujifilm.

If you aren't improving you are going backwards.

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