Burnt out on my x100f

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Re: Burnt out on my x100f

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You're bored with photography. A new camera won't help I think.

Agreed. Find something or a reason to shoot.

Hmmm think this is personal depending upon the individual

I went literally Nikon d5300 and 17-50 'F2.8 at 23mm for 18 months to an X-100 T for about 18 months to a canon Sl1 with 24mm f2.8 pancake for 2 years and now an X-t2 and 23mm f2 as my main street cameras and I got better shots each time....

The sl1 in fact was a 'lucky' camera and used to get me more keepers per outing than any other

Of course this cannot be measured or represented on a statistical scale etc but it is all true still

There's something about the newness that gives a boost for some people. I'm the same photographer with the same skills

Of course part of it can be attributed to getting better over time too

Yup. To steal (and modify) a phrase from one of my favorite war movies... "I love the smell of a new camera in the morning." Sometimes it's just the gear itself that provides additional motivation... in other cases, it's seeing your skills, keeper rates, etc. steadily improve. It really doesn't matter as long as the hobby remains satisfying and enjoyable (and the rest of the bills keep getting paid along the way, as my bride keeps reminding me).

Golly, you really butchered that one 🤪

The surfboard wasn't a new one and my take was the general calibration was "anti" within its insanity.

Having said that 2 aspects come to mind here:

  • Were those near 20 years I used an F3 richer or poorer in terms of enthusiasm regarding photography?
  • Will there be an end to this, like blu-ray never made it big as streaming 720 or 1080 often already sufficient for most?

The air getting thinner the higher you go, like listening to an old audiophile CD using Straight Wire or Fast Audio. Krell or some Scandinavian insanity, never again maybe one nothing in it anymore where you don't think Grace Kelly shot with this camera might look interesting???

And then Fuji teases you with a GFX100V. 100Mpx, 45/2 fixed lens, 14 aperture blades .

In brushed Titanium to shoot your favourite cat: look at those whiskers!!!

So, yeah, maybe some time left for this smell of "new" even though it may never be the same as that VW Beetle in 1967 🙂

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