Breathing room for the X-H2?

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Re: Breathing room for the X-H2?

John Gellings wrote:

nonicks wrote:

Canadianguy wrote:

Remember the Sony A7 III - with a release price of 1999 USD - it just crushed Fujifilm's dream of moving APS-C pricing up.

Fast forward to 2021 - A7 IV is out now and it has a release price of $2499 USD.

So some breathing room for an over $2K APS-C body from Fujifilm.

My "The Price is Right" guess for X-H2 pricing - $2199 with a stacked sensor.

Without a stacked sensor - it should be much cheaper.

That could be what the rumor said... 2 versions of XH2. One with Stack sensor that costs 2500-3000, and the other one is without Stack sensor which will be a thousand dollar less.. Pure speculation, of course.

Fuji is banking on non camera nerds to know the difference between these two? Come on...

Well... my guess is that most non camera nerds (if not all) won't choose X-H2 when it comes to picking their cameras.

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