Looking for a high magnification versatile lens

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Looking for a high magnification versatile lens


Coming from m4/3, i was previously working with Gx8+42.5 Nocticron & a gx9 with 17.5 Voigtlander.

The 35mm fullframe equivalent is definitly my favorite all purpose focal lengh, and i really enjoyed the 0.25 magnification of the Voigtlander Nokton (but i was struggling with manual focusing as i leave in a windy country and take a lot of vegetation picture).

Here are two example i could have with the voigtlander 17.5 :

I owned a lot of other lens including the Olympus 60mm macro, wich is really great, but was dedicaced to macro as i was mostly using the nocticron when i needed a "telephoto" lens (due to is awesomeness ;).

I recently switched to full frame with a sony A7C and the 35mm GM & the Sigma 85mm DG DN. Having a full frame camera is a big upgrade for me, i especially enjoy the low light capability & the dynamic range.

While i really love the the 35mm GM, i didn't realised the magnification wouldn't be the same as with the 17.5 Nokton with the crop factor of m4/3. But it's ok, i love it

I was more disapointed about the 85 cm minimum focus distance of the Sigma 85mm. It's a really awesome lens, but i'm sad i can't go closer to subjects (the 50cm focus distance was nice with the Nocticron).

I've purchased extension tubes, to give them a try, but i don't like the result below F8 and i really don't like the tiny focus range it gaves

I'll probably purchase a 2nd sony alpha camera in a few month (a7IV? a7rIII? RIV? ...dunno yet) and if i can afford a more megapixel sensor, i could gain some versatility with the crop factor (i don't always need a fullsize picture). But it could also be an APSC one to gain the benefit of the crop factor & smaller sensor.

So here is my question: Do you have any suggestion of a lens (or lens + sony E mount camera combo) who could made me happy?

I don't really need a 1:1 magnification, but i would love to be able to takesomething like 1:0.3 to 0.5+ magnification photography.

It could be a prime or zoom lens (even if i'm a pixel peaker kind of guy, so i usually don't work with zoom lenses) but it have to be one with a nice autofocus.

Thanks for reading,

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