EM1.2 worrying shooting problem

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EM1.2 worrying shooting problem

I shot a soccer match yesterday for a local club.  I have been shooting them for about 3 years but this was my first one for a couple of months.  I was shooting with an E-M1.2, 40-150mm f/2.8, M mode with auto ISO, electronic shutter, sequential low, C-AF.  These are my normal shooting settings for soccer.

I took about 300 shots in the first half and a further 80 after the interval.  My camera then went haywire and was shooting even though my finger wasn't on the shutter release.  I couldn't work out what was happening but, after a minute or so and 400 shots, turned the camera off and turned it back on again. As soon as I pressed the shutter release, it went haywire again.  After another 150 or so shots, I turned it off again, turned it on and went through all the settings carefully.  It behaved normally when I started shooting again and continued normally for the rest of the match, although I was so unnerved that I didn't take many shots.

Thinking about it afterwards, the best explanation was that the shutter release button had jammed.  However, when I examined the images taken during the first burst, the camera more or less kept everything in focus.  During the second, virtually all the shots were totally out of focus and the EXIF data showed that the focus motor was barely moving.  In addition, these was a period of about 20 shots in the first burst when the auto ISO also went haywire - from 640 to 2000 to 64 and then back to 640.  I was moving the camera about a lot, though, from the ground to the sky as I tried to figure out what was happening.

I have been through the EXIF data of some of the shots using PIE and the key settings certainly didn't change.  However, when I turned the camera off and back on again for the second time, it took a long time for the buffer to clear -10 seconds plus at least.  The shooting rate had dropped to about 5fps when the buffer filled up.

Could it be that the very high number of shots overloaded the camera's processors and this caused the wild variations of ISO and the virtual shutting down of the AF system?  Could it have overheated.

Any ideas and suggestions welcome.  Has anybody else experienced anything similar with an E-M1.2?  Has anybody experienced a sticking shutter release?

I will see if I can recreate the problem later today.

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Chris R

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