Kit zooms. Why?

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Re: Zoomar revival Re: Kit zooms. Why?

FrancoD wrote:

Cosina has been the sole manufacturer for Voigtländer products for the last 20 years o so.

looks to me that not only they make and sell them but are all also designed in house because as far as I can see the owners of that name (I think now UNITED IMAGING GROUP GmbH & Co. KG) don't design nor have any Voighlander photo products made by anyone else.

Zeiss and Leica have had and still have products made by other companies but never one single company has designed and made all of their products.

BTW : Leica could be called Heerbugg, Hermes, Blackstone or Cambridge Instruments, Minox, Minolta or the Portuguese watchmakers etc

These are some of the companies which merged, owned, manufactured, or operationally replaced Leica to different extents.

What photographic products have those made that Leica sold under its brand ?

Minolta made SLRs, lenses and the CL. Sigma, Zeiss, and others, too.

BTW, I sold Cosina branded products as well as , before that, Cosina made products (like Ricoh cameras) well before many knew Cosina. Nothing wrong with that manufacturer.

What I was getting at is if you want a Voigtlander branded product you need to ask Cosina not Voigtlander, on the other hand you can't ask Cosina to make a Zeiss lens but Zeiss can.

Thanks, sure, I mean they are effectively the same company, though thanks for clarifying that. Legally, the Leica brand does not belong to the Leica we know and love either, I believe. However I’ve not got an axe to grind, I’ve just noticed that there’s an inconsistency about this generally, and thought I’d counter-assert the legitimacy of Voigtländer relative to others. Perhaps its vestigial xenophobia/contempt in parlance from an era when Japanese producers were viewed as inferior to German ones, or perhaps something else.

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