Kit zooms. Why?

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Re: Zoomar revival Re: Kit zooms. Why?

FrancoD wrote:

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FrancoD wrote:

BTW, the first ever zoom lens to be sold was the 1959 Voigtlander 36-82/2.8 Zoomar.

Note the push pull design and constant f 2.8 aperture and it was parfocal, so it remain in focus as you zoomed.

I included a Zoomar revival in a poll a few weeks ago, asking which lens Voigtländer should release next in X-mount (after the 35mmF1.2 which communicates with the X-Pro3’s HVF framelines).

It only received a single vote out of thirteen, and the other four options received 3 votes each. That vote was from me Primarily because it’s historically interesting, and Voigtländer would do well to highlight such a landmark.

Vote now, maybe Voigtländer will see it:

Much easier when spelt Cosina.

"Voigtländer" is an autocorrect option from some interfaces so it’s easy

I’ve never understood the strong policing of Cosina vs Voigtländer, yet the lack of such an impulse to refer to, for instance, Zeiss as Voigtländer given that they rebuilt the company in the West with Voigtländer’s industrial equipment (or even to refer to Zeiss as Cosina, given that they build Zeiss lenses).  Leica could be called Heerbugg, Hermes, Blackstone or Cambridge Instruments, Minox, Minolta or the Portuguese watchmakers etc.  Zenit could also be called Leica since the Soviets rebuilt their industry with reparations drawn from Germany in the form of Leica and Zeiss equipment to replace the factories which the Germans bombed.

I’m sure there are many other tangled examples.

Cosina are the custodians of Voigtländer, and appear to take this just as seriously as younger companies like Leica do, so I refer to them as Voigtländer

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