Google Pixel 6 PRO not as good as we thought?

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Panino Manino
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Re: Google Pixel 6 PRO not as good as we thought?

elmar1 wrote:

I am sorry, but I don't get your point.. If you are considering other options like the Pixel 6 pro, why not wait what the final reviews are out and then compare? For me it seems that you are quite satisfied with the huawei phones, so I think your choice is made

All phones are "rubbish" compared with Huawei.
While he is satisfied with his current phone, how long will he have to hold on it? How long there will be no other options? How long top dog phones will deliver this subpar IQ? With time and bigger sensors, bigger apertures and even more Super HDR+ Plus Ultra it's getting worse.

We will never more see sharp and nicely processed photos from smartphones? Now that murrica threw a childish fit and sabotaged Huawei there's no one with presence in the market to show the way. Some where hopping that Google fit this role but they where wrong.

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